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Check Out Our Videos Made for K-12 Outreach Events

Due to pandemic, many lab visits for K-12 students are canceled. Our Triangle Biomechanics Student Chapter decided to create a Youtube Channel to disseminate our research and science. Here are the videos NREL made. Thanks to Bretta Flystra, Wentao Liu, Robert Hinson, Aaron Fleming, and Varun Nalam

NREL Works with UNC Morehead Planetarium and Science Center in Creating a Wearable Robotics Booth

A wearable robotics booth has been set up in the UNC Morehead Planetarium and Science Center, which hosts over a million visitors each year.  Our booth includes a demo to demonstrate control of robotic prosthesis hand. Knowledges on design and control of robotic prosthesis and exoskeletons for human augmentation and physical rehabilitation. Please check out our booth when you visit the museum. Dr. Huang and her team also gave talks at the museum, discussing bionic technologies.

NREL Annual Open House 2018

In the Fall of 2018, the NREL hosted its first Open House Event! The event took place at NC State in the Biomedical Engineering Gait Lab. We had over 30 attendees including past & present research participants, prosthetists, physical therapists, support group leaders, clinicians, and lab members.

During the event, there was a research overview, participant panel, and community discussion. There were so many great discussions happening that several individuals remained an hour past the end of the event to share ideas! Feedback from the event was overwhelming positive and we really appreciate all the comments. We really enjoyed this event and hope those who attended did so too! If you have any suggestions for a future event, let us know.


National Biomechanics Day

Several members of NREL’s lab participated in NCSU’s annual science outreach. High schools from across NC come to take part in demonstrations and activities which help teach basic biomechanics and broader scientific principles in an engaging way.

Several high schoolers taking part in a 3D motion capture demo [picture credit:]


Run for Liberty 2018

This annual run/walk event is hosted by local prosthetists in honor of Military Personnel and Veterans. Persons with amputation were able to participate for free and all profits went directly to the Amputee Coalition of America. Several lab members got the chance to volunteer in this event and got a little wet in the process.