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  • Minhan Li and Robert Hinson successfully passed their final Ph.D. defense in May 2022. Congratulations to Dr. Li and Dr. Hinson!! Dr. Li will join Argo AI in California; Dr. Hinson will continue his last 2 years of MD training in the UNC MD/Ph.D. program.

  • Congratulations to Austin Mituniewicz for his NSF GRPF award!
  • Congratulations to Noah Rubin, who won the 3rd place in the Engineering Section of the graduate student research symposium! [Link]
  • Congratulations to Dr. Fleming and Dr. Fylstra! Two new doctors from NREL in 2021.


  • Our research on neural control of robotic prosthesis ankle for improved postural stability is featured by NIH NIBIB (link).
  • Our collaborative paper with Prof. Jon Stallrich at the Department of Statistics won the Statistics in Physical Engineering Sciences Award (SPES Award) from the American Statistical Association (ASA) ( ).
  • Congratulations to Chinmay who successfully completed his MS. in Oct 2021.
  • Prof. Ming Liu received NIH R21 grant. He will collaborate with Dr. Michael Dickey at NC State to develop a novel inner socket sensor. Congratulations!
  • Congratulations to Fiona who successfully completed her MS. in March 2021! She will join Dephy this fall.
  • Our team, led by Dr. Varun Nalam, is the finalist for the WearRA Innovation Challenge competition in 2021. You can see our pitched idea here
  • Prof. Huang received the Alcoa Foundation Distinguished Engineering Research Award in 2021 
  • Prof. Huang is elected as  AIMBE fellow. Appointmemt is given to the top 2% of medical & biological engineers & it is one of the highest professional distinctions in this field. Congratulations!
  • Bretta Fylstra unconditionally passed her preliminary qualify exam for her Ph.D. program on 11/06/20.
  • Congratulations to Sameer who successfully completed his MS. in Oct 2020.
  • Congratulations to Boxuan who successfully completed his Ph.D. in May 2020. He will join Facebook in the fall of 2020. Good luck, Dr. Zhong!
  • Dr. Huang named to the Jackson Family Distinguished Professor!
  • AOPA recently featured Dr. Huang and NREL on the December issue of O&P Almanac
  • Our lab members from the ECE department introduce NREL

  • Aaron Fleming unconditionally passed his preliminary qualify exam for his Ph.D. program on 12/06/19. Congratulations! He also recently received his NIH F31 grant. His last phase of Ph.D. program in the lab will be supported by NIH.
  • Dr. Yue Wen joined Shirley Ryan Ability Lab as a post-doc associate. Good luck, Dr. Wen!
  • Dr. Lizhi Pan accepted the associate professor position at Tian Jing University. Congratulations!
  • Congratulations to Aaron Fleming for winning the 3rd place in the poster competition at ICORR 2019!


  • Yue Wen and Andrea Brandt successfully defended their Ph.D. Theses in March 2019. Congratulations Dr. Wen and Dr. Brandt!!



  • NREL recently hosted its first annual Open House where local clinicians from all over the Triangle participated in live demonstrations and discussions. We enjoyed learning from clinical perspectives and sharing our research vision, and we look forward to continuing to build collaborative relationships to deepen our research expertise and widen our reach in restoring mobility to persons with amputation.



  • New Tech May Make Prosthetic Hands Easier for Patients to Use. The article is available on NC State’s website. The article features novel a neural-machine intreface that is generic to different amputee users for robotic prosthesis control. The article is also featured at the website of UNC, Science Daily,NSF Science 360, NAE Frontier, etc.
  • Study Shows Need for Adaptive Powered Knee Prosthesis to Assist Amputees. The article is available on NC State’s website. The article features Andrea Brandt’s research that investigates how weight loads and powered prosthesis control affect the amputees’ gait performance. The article is also featured at NSF Science, Science Daily, etc.

  • Our Research Scientist, Dr. Dustin Crouch, has accepted a tenure-track faculty position at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville. While we will be sad to see him leave, we wish him all the best in his endeavors as a Tennessee Volunteer!
  • Anna Winslow and David Lee were featured in the Spring/Summer 2017 Edition of NC State Engineering Magazine. During Homecoming in late October 2016, they presented an overview of our lab’s research to College of Engineering Alumni and demonstrated the use of our upper limb prosthesis with an able-bodied adapter. The article is available on NC State’s College of Engineering website, as well as on page 36 of the printed publication (PDF).
  • NCSU Chancellor Randy Woodson and College of Engineering Dean Louis Martin-Vega stopped by our lab in March 2017 to see our latest research. It seems like they enjoyed their visit!



  • Congratulations to Yue Wen! His EMBC paper, entitled Adaptive control of powered transfemoral prostheses based on adaptive dynamic programming is one of finalists in the Student Paper Competition at IEEE EMBC 2016.
  • Are you interested in improving the way amputees control prosthetic devices?The Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Engineering Laboratory (NREL) at the UNC/NCSU Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering invites applications for a Postdoctoral Research Associate to help advance an exciting new upper limb prosthesis control platform based on a musculoskeletal model. You should have a recent PhD degree in Biomechanical, Mechanical, or Electrical Engineering or related fields. Research experience in musculoskeletal modeling and dynamic simulation, EMG measurement, signal processing, pattern recognition, machine learning, and/or motor control is highly desirableThis is a great opportunity to work in a highly multidisciplinary research lab. Here in NREL at NC State, we investigate the control mechanism of neuromuscular systems in normal and neurologically-disabled individuals, develop advanced neural-machine interfacing technologies, and apply these techniques toward neural control of prosthetics, orthotics, computers, and other assistive devices. As a researcher in our joint department, you will have excellent opportunities to leverage and expand on our existing collaborations with faculty at both NC State and UNC Chapel Hill, and with clinicians at the UNC School of Medicine. We are located in the vibrant Research Triangle Region, one of the fastest growing tech regions in the US.
  • Interested candidates are encouraged to submit a curriculum vitae, a 1-page research statement, selected publications, and three references. To learn more about our research or to submit an application, please contact us:
  • Dustin Crouch participated in NC Science Festival’s Invite-a-Scientist Program where he discussed his research at Cleveland Middle School in Garner, NC.
  • New Tech Automatically ‘Tunes’ Powered Prosthetics While Walking, with Matt Shipman at NC State University, 2015. This news was highlighted on the front page of
  • Dustin Crouch was selected to present his research publicly at the Nature Research Center in Raleigh, NC as part of National Postdoc Week on September 23, 2015.
  • Dr. Huang was one of 89 engineers selected to participate in NAE’s 2015 U.S. Frontiers of Engineering Symposium.
  • Researchers Study Impact of Power Prosthetic Failures on Amputees, with Matt Shipman at NC State University, 2014.
  • Our group’s work was in UNC-TV’s North Carolina Now news program on Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2014. Please check their website, click on “Watch Video” after selecting “A Profile of North Carolina State University.”
  • Dr. Helen Huang’s work on brain-connected prostheses has once again made an apperance in the press. In late January, both the Charlotte Observer and the Raleigh News and Observer reported on Dr. Huang’s development of smarter prostheses that utilize brain signals to help deal with changes in terrain, speed, and type of activity. The goal of Huang’s work is to program a bionic leg to response to specific brain activity patterns associated with a specific command, such as bending the knee. Congratulations to Professor Huang on the well-deserved publicity!
  • “Helen Huang and her colleagues at N.C. State and UNC-Chapel Hill are building a smarter, safer bionic leg that “listens” to the user’s body and figures out what he or she has in mind before that person takes the next step.”, on The News & Observer, January 26, 2014.
  • Researchers Seek to Control Prosthetic Legs with Neural Signals,with Matt Shipman at NC State University, 2013.
    Also see NCSU researchers earn grant to develop brain-connected prosthetics, with Jason deBruyn at Triangle Business Journal, and the article, at the O&P Edge, 2013.
  • Our article, entitled “Recent developments in biofeedback for neuromotor rehabilitation“, ranks as the #6 all-time most viewed article in Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation, 2013.
  • Our article, entitled “A strategy for identifying locomotion modes using surface electromyography” is one of the most cited articles in IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, 2013.
  • URI Professor Awarded Grant for Powered Prosthetics Research. The O&P Edge, June 6, 2012.
    Also see URI Professor gets $520K NSF grant, with Patricia Resende at Mass High Tech, and URI article, with Todd McLeish.
  • Research puts people on their feet, College of Engineering, University of Rhode Island, March 2012.
  • Safer, Smarter Legs, Rhode Island, Science and Technology Advisory Council, Jan 2011.
  • URI awarded $12.3 million in research grants through Federal Stimulus Act, with Todd McLeish, December, 8, 2009.
  • Researcher Trips Amputees In Effort To Develop Improved Prosthetic Legs, ScienceDaily, September 16, 2009. (Video)
  • STAC awards $1.5M in research grants, with Ted Nesi, PBN, Jan 28, 2009.
    Also see STAC news: STAC Awards 23 Scientists, 10 Institutions Funding for Collaborative Projects
  • URI biomedical engineer wins 2008 Delsys Prize, with Susan Baird, PBN, Oct 28 2008
    Also see 2008 Delsys Prize Winner (, Huang wins prize for EMG/lower-limb research, (The O&P Edge, November 17, 2008).
  • Thinking Makes It So: Science Extends Reach Of Prosthetic Arms, ScienceDaily, November 12, 2007.